Hi everyone, 

Few days ago, i got an error message like [verify_signer_identity: Could not copy validate signature: -402620393] when i archived my iPhone app project to an adhoc distribution and deloyed to iphone.  The installation is about to 90% then failed with that error message you can monitored in xcode organizer with console screen. It really drove me crazy. I spent almost 32 hours to solved this problem.  Of course, i did google this issue, but no luck!  Asking are more, but resolve are less. Moreover, just few people solved the problem with No idea why they solved...But seems everyone stuggle to refresh the code signing, including clearing certificates from KeyChan Access, regenerating certificates, and provisioning profiles.... so did I.

Finally, I thought we were cheated by the error message"validate signature".  I tried to replace images in project cause I ever met that issues, but...with no luck neither.  What the hell......  I told myself I will give up if I take my few days ago backup to make adhoc for last chance.

Wow~ old backup worked!  Then i piece by piece to add new source files written recently into backup project.  Everything done!  :)

All in all,  If you got an error message like that, I suggest you no need to refresh code sign first but restored your backup files (if you have one) to try.  Good luck!




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