RichEdit 的版本。



Ships ('ed) with

dll name


Windows 95/98/ME/NT



Exchange 4.0 for Windows 3.1/WFW



Office 97, Windows NT/98



BiDi Office 97



Windows CE, Pocket Word



Office 2000, Windows ME/2000/XP


1.0 emulator

Office 2000, Windows 2000/XP/Vista



Windows Server 2003, Vista



Windows CE, eBooks



Office XP



Windows XP SP1, Tablet, Vista



Office 2003



Windows CE, Pocket Word



Office 2007, Encarta Math Calculator


RichEdit 1.0 Features

  • Basic nonUnicode editing, cut/copy/paste, file streaming
  • Basic set of character/paragraph formatting properties
  • Message-based interface plus OLE interfaces: IRichEditOle and IRichEditOleCallback
  • Vertical text and IME support (FE builds only).
  • WYSIWYG editing using printer metrics
  • Different builds for different scripts
  • Common-control notifications plus some new ones
  • Plain text and RTF files
  • Pen-enabled and understood gestures for use with Pen Windows

RichEdit 2.0 Additions

  • Unicode internally + able to read/write using codepages
  • International line breaking algorithm
  • Find Up/Down. Magellan mouse support.
  • Multilevel undo
  • BiDi (RE 2.1) and FE support including level 2/3 IME, dual font, keyboard linking, smart font apply
  • AutoURL recognition. Word UI
  • Plain/rich, single-line/multiline, scalable architecture
  • Password and accelerator control options
  • Windowless interfaces (ITextHost/ITextServices)
  • Better display (mixed fonts use off-screen bitmap), system selection colors, transparency support
  • TOM (Text Object Model) dual interfaces
  • Character formatting additions include background color, locale ID, underline type, superscript/subscript.
  • Paragraph formatting additions include space before/after, line spacing.
  • Roundtrip all Word Format Font/Para dialog properties
  • Extensive code stabilization, testing, performance increase

RichEdit 2.5 Additions

  • First Windows CE version. Used by Pocket Word
  • Outline view, normal and heading styles
  • RTF additions
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Western languages only

RichEdit 3.0 Additions

  • Used for emulating RichEdit 1.0's
  • Zoom
  • Italics caret/cursor. URL hand cursor
  • Paragraph numbering (alpha, numeric, Roman)
  • Simple tables (no wrap in cells)
  • More underline types, underline coloring, hidden text
  • More of Word's default hot keys, e.g., accent dead keys, outline view, numbering
  • Smart quotes (English only), soft hyphens
  • Use Office's LineServices component to break/display lines. Used for complex scripts and options like center, right, decimal tabs, fully justified text
  • Complex script support for BiDi, Indic, and Thai with help from LineServices and Uniscribe components
  • Font Binding based on charset, which acts as writing system ID
  • Codepage-specific stream in/out
  • UTF-8 RTF. Used preferentially for cut/copy/paste. Can be streamed in/out.
  • Office 9 IME support (MSIME98) including Reconversion, Document feed, Mouse Operation, and Caret position features
  • AIMM component IME support for nonFE systems.
  • Increased freeze and undo/redo control
  • Font increment/decrement function
  • System edit control, list box, and combo box controls
  • Alt+x input method
  • Used to emulate RichEdit 1.0's

RichEdit 3.5 Additions

  • Second Windows CE release. Used by eBooks
  • Screen-size pagination
  • Text wrap around objects flushed left/right
  • Custom ClearType support
  • Enhanced East Asian typography

RichEdit 4.0 Additions

  • Multilevel tables
  • Autocorrect
  • Improved autoURL detection
  • Friendly name hyperlinks
  • Font binding according to writing system (generalization of charset)
  • Indic support
  • Vertical text
  • Support for the latest IMEs
  • Speech and handwriting input (Windows Text Services Framework)
  • More standard hot keys
  • Many security fixes (3.0 has also)

RichEdit 5.0 Additions

  • Multiselection, smart drag&drop
  • Better nested tables, horizontally merged cells
  • Better font binding/international support
  • More underline styles, small cap & shadow emulation
  • Binary file format: "parsed XML"
  • Partial XHTML reader/writer
  • Subpixel ClearType support
  • Better RTF handling, e.g., multilevel lists
  • URL tooltips
  • Many bug/minor-request fixes
  • Improved ink support, especially for OneNote
  • Advanced East Asian typography
  • Initial PTS integration, including object tight wrap
  • Infrastructure for math, ruby, warichu, tatenakayoko
  • Text trackers and blobs

RichEdit 5.1

  • Third Windows CE release. Used by Pocket Word
  • Various UI and RTF enhancements

RichEdit 6.0 Additions

  • High-quality editing & display of math
  • Formula autobuildup
  • Create and support math linear format
  • More list numbering options
  • Simple "visi" mode
  • URL improvements
  • Multistory: high-perf cut/copy/paste, rich scratchpads, WP infrastructure 
  • Text Object Model 2
  • Display enhancements, e.g., word underline, horizontal scaling
  • Table UI adds, e.g., column resizing
  • OfficeArt/PowerPoint enhancements
  • Overlapping lines, drop caps & other ePeriodicals improvements
  • Device independent layout
  • Virtualized OS: "hDC" is totally opaque
  • Multiple columns
  • Myriad security fixes
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